Independent Filmmaker's Guide

Episode #34

June 15, 2021


Your Film Is Not Done | Color Correction with Josh Bohoskey

  • When host Steven Pierce started working with SNL he met Josh Bohoskey, an amazing colorist who also works with The Mill in NYC. In addition to coloring multiple pieces a week for SNL, Josh colors everything from commercials, feature films, to music videos, and is a recent recipient of the AICE Colorist of The Year.
    In today’s episode, Steve and Josh explore the critical nature and importance of the often overlooked and misunderstood process of color correction. Budgeting for it early on, building relationships early, and knowing exactly how color correction will separate your film- elevating it from professional to award-winning.

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IFG is created by Framework Productions. This episode was directed by James Allerdyce, produced and edited by Matt Mundy & Audrey Rae McHale, and hosted by Steven Pierce. The music is by Glass Boy. Find his music on freemusicarchive.org