Independent Filmmaker's Guide

Episode #40

July 27, 2021


What Does Resilience Actually Look Like | Lorelei

Being resilient, able to bounce back from failures. Seeing possibility in unexpected places.

This may be a main thread in the storyline in the film Lorelei, but it also applies to every indie film and filmmaker.

Today, hosts Steven Pierce & James Allerdyce sit down with the writer-director of Lorelei, Sabrina Doyle. While breaking down the entire process and experience of making this beautiful drama, we cover topics ranging from philosophical to practical – working with children, building a family dynamic without rehearsal, cancelled festivals, finding the optimum fps for shooting under water. And as our guest reminds us, we don’t talk about failure enough. It is simply part of your journey to success.

“A working-class fable about a biker, a mermaid and three shades of blue.” – IMDb

Opening in theaters and digitally, July 30th.

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