Independent Filmmaker's Guide

Episode #11

August 28, 2020


Safe On Set After Covid

Steven Pierce and James Allerdyce, Framework Productions

As the world continues to return from the effects of the Corona Virus and the associated stay at home orders, the film and television industry is bracing for what life on set will be like. Today we are joined by two veterans of the industry to talk about what coming back looks like and what we should expect as we call “action”. The production technology specialist for the cinematographers guild: Michael Chabliss and the former President of international cinematographers guild, board member of the ASC, and still very active working cinematographer, Steven Poster

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Full Interview

This week’s interview discusses the reality, education and future of what returning to set will look like for our industry, no matter the budget.

In lieu of our article, we’ve attached the joint report of the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Teamsters’ committees for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.

Click to download, review and implement.

Productions Safety Guidelines June 2020

Released by the State of NY for “Interim Guidance for Media Production During the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency”:

MediaProduction_MasterGuidance July 2020


IFG is created by Framework Productions. This episode was directed by James Allerdyce, produced by Matt Mundy, edited by Audrey Rae McHale, and hosted by Steven Pierce. The music is by Glass Boy. Find his music on freemusicarchive.org