Independent Filmmaker's Guide

Episode #36

June 29, 2021


How To Create a TV Pilot With an Indie Filmmaking Mind | Timberwood

Producing an indie pilot for a potential series is almost like making half of a feature film, but with its own unique challenges. In addition to the usual hurdles, it also entails conceiving hours and hours of future content and story arcs, selling those ideas to potential buyers or investors. It is a different fork of the same river as features, but many times involves a very large creative and financial commitment, with less time and fewer resources overall.

Today our host, Steven Pierce, talks with writer and director Blake McWilliam who assembled a very talented group for his pilot, the comedy “Timberwood”.

At the end of today’s episode, be sure to catch fellow host and colleague, James Allerdyce, who joins Steven for detailed and practical takeaways about Blake’s experience.

“A hilarious new comedy series about what it’s really like to be a summer camp counselor. This summer camp TV show stars Michael Trevino, Giullian Yao Gioiello, Jessie Komitor, Ariane Rinehart, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut, AJ Vaage, Ian Fisher, David Reale,  Layla Khosh, Jeremy Holm, Melissa Italiano, and Nancy Miguelez. ”
– Camp Timberwood



At the time of this release, Timberwood has received the “Best Independent Comedy Pilot” Award at New York’s NORTH FORK TV FEST, and has been nominated for “Best Ensemble”, “Best Comedy”, and “Best TV Pilot”, at the British Columbia TV FEST

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