Independent Filmmaker's Guide

Episode #41

September 14, 2021


Capturing Collapse in Venezuela: the HBO Max Doc A La Calle

We’ve heard news bytes about the horrors and tragedies in Venezuela, but most of us don’t have a clear idea of what has and continues to transpire.

Today hosts Steven Pierce and James Allerdyce sit down with the daring filmmakers, directors Maxx Caicedo and Nelson G. Navarrete and producer Shawna L. Brakefield as they layout their 5+ year journey, giving both us in the film community and the world at-large a close and very real picture of what is happening not only in Venezuela, but what could easily happen in our own backyard. This is A La Calle.

The documentary features interviews with prominent figures opposed to the government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. – IMDb.com


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